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Meet the artist


Hi, my name is Robyn. I am an Australian, self-taught alcohol ink artist.


I have always had an appreciation for abstract artwork. I love how rich emotions and a complete narrative can be conveyed through such a style of art.

During Melbourne's lockdown in 2020 I decided to try my hand at abstract art by using alcohol ink. Since then, I have found myself creating multiple pieces a day - each with their own refined narrative.

To explore the art I currently have available for sale, please visit my shop. Alternatively, follow my journey through Instagram – @robynalcoholinkartist


what is alcohol ink?

Alcohol Ink Art is created using highly pigmented, acid-free, alcohol-based inks. These inks are fast drying and best used on surfaces which are non-porous. 

Using a range of techniques, the inks free flow across the paper and react with the paper and other inks on the page. Each ink can be manipulated on the page using a variety of techniques such as gravity, heat gun and/or wind assistance. Although the drying time of the ink can be extended through the combination of other mediums, most times, there is only a very small window of opportunity in which the ink can be manipulated.

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